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KBWhatsApp APK
App Name KBWhatsApp APK
App Version V34
Update date 11 Jan 2022
App Publisher App Development Team
App Requirement Android 4+
App Category KBWhatsApp
File size 65MB
3.9 Rating (7797)

A brief about the Blue KBWhatsApp application for Android Apk

Welcome to the exciting world of KB WhatsApp. With the app, you can enjoy the same WhatsApp service with the latest and best features. You can now hide your online status and appear whenever you want. You can also instantly turn on or off the flight mode in the program. If you are like the majority of people who use WhatsApp from KBWhatsApp🤩, you have probably noticed that the service has changed a lot in recent months. Redesigned to look better and perform better than ever, it now comes with many features that weren't available before. Some of these features, like the ability to turn .WhatsApp status on your phone to turn it on and off are very useful, where other features like the ability to hide your online status are more fun to use. With over two billion users worldwide, KBWhatsApp, the latest version.

KBWhatsApp is one of the most popular messengers despite all the difficulties and smear campaigns. KBWhatsApp Apk software, but it's also popular with that war that Facebook came up with, which took over WhatsApp, and since then there have been concerns about privacy breaches. From Facebook in general, in any case, KBWhatsApp Apk still has advantages over many competitors that attract many users, and in this modest article we will try to cover all aspects of this unique application for those who do not. Know if you are not interested or you are an old user and are looking for a link to download the new update from KBWhatsApp🤗, you can go to the download area below and download the latest version of KBWhatsApp.

About KBWhatsApp latest version Apk

KBWhatsApp is the best version of WhatsApp that can be found on the internet, it has a large number of features that make it better than the traditional green version of WhatsApp. User interface, security and performance are some of the main advantages of KBWhatsApp Apk that users will enjoy. KBWhatsApp🥰 is an application that is considered the best in providing its users with advanced settings that are wonderful, varied and advanced over the traditional green version of WhatsApp, and it is even better than all other versions similar to it on the high level that WhatsApp uses. KB WhatsApp Apk offers its users the app is only available on Android and is free to use. The app is also considered safe and reliable because it ensures the protection of user data at all times. It is more stable, secure and easy to use than the original green version of WhatsApp. It also has many other great details that make it better than other similar apps. This article discusses the most important features of WhatsApp. KB WhatsApp Apk and how it benefits users.

It is considered the most powerful version of the WhatsApp application available today. It is unique, advanced, and offers its users great features that are not available in the official version. It is better than all other versions. It is similar in terms of the level that it offers to its users from the traditional green version of WhatsApp, in addition to being better than all other similar versions due to its high level, and it contains a large number. It is used by many people all over the world, especially in the Middle East. This app is considered to be the best and has been tested and proven to be the most reliable as it has been used for many years and has been constantly updated to meet the needs of its users with the latest technology. Other applications that the WhatsApp versions do not have, such as personalization, masking, and other things.

KBWhatsApp Apk aims to emulate the original green WhatsApp application with new things and additional features designed to provide its users with various advantages and additional advantages over the original WhatsApp application, such as the availability of the latest beautiful themes, hiding contact status, hiding status from view, etc., the KB WhatsApp application is one of the most popular applications contact in the world. Billions of people use the app every day to connect with their friends and family. One of the most exciting updates to KB WhatsApp lately is interactivity in messages and with Emoji. KBWhatsApp😍 is the latest and greatest feature in the history of WhatsApp communication, which allows users to have fun. The application in a visually attractive way without sacrificing the basic services of the official program.

Some may think that there is no difference between WhatsApp and other modified versions which are also modified by other developers but on the contrary, KBWhatsApp is completely different from all offers of modified versions. For WhatsApp, although you will find some features that are present in some versions, this will be just a coincidence, because the developer develops its version and adds its features, and thus it gained wide fame due to its unique features. WhatsApp It is true that you will find very similar functions in the rest of the versions of WhatsApp and this is normal because they are copies belonging to the same developer of WhatsApp. . In addition to the release of the latest update to the KB WhatsApp🤩 for Android apk, which is currently against the ban. KB WhatsApp Apk in the latest version is now very protected and secure

What are the most prominent features of KB WhatsApp, the new update?

Automatic reply feature to messages

You can use the auto-reply feature to reply to messages from friends and family when you can't reply right away. This gives you a chance to reply later and let your friend or family member know when they respond. This is particularly useful. If you are running late or something happened and you want to notify someone quickly. acts in response. You can also use this feature to reply to any messages you receive without having to open the message. Or even waiting for a response, which is especially useful if you have a lot of messages and can't reply to all of them right away.

One of the most useful functions of the KB WhatsApp🤩 application is the ability to automatically reply to any of the contact messages. This is great if you need to quickly reply to a message and don't have time to type a text, or if you want to keep using your phone for something other than answering incoming messages. The auto-reply feature is a great way to reply to a message without having to reply to text messages. This feature can be accessed from your message screen when using the app. You can also access it by pressing the reply button on the screen, which will show the auto-answer. Customize the auto reply message as you wish.

Ability to cut off internet on KB WhatsApp

The latest application from the developer who is a sensation in the world of mobile communication, the application called KB WhatsApp🥰 apk is a messaging application similar to the WhatsApp application, but it contains some very interesting details that make them stand out from the others. One of the most talked about features of the app is the ability to turn off the internet connection in the app, this can come in handy when you are in a place with poor internet connection or if you just want to save some of your data or even if you are in a situation that does not allow you to If you receive and reply to messages or you are busy with one of the messaging apps or games and do not want WhatsApp messages to distract you, the most powerful feature is to disconnect from the internet. WhatsApp, as this allows the user to prevent messages from reaching the phone from other users on the app. This is a useful feature for those who want to limit the amount of contact they have with their contacts.

Group messages for groups

To send a group message to more than one group, just tap on the group message list name and send it. The feature of sending group messages to groups, a feature that allows you to send any group message to more than one. Group, through which you send a message to all groups added to the list at the same time, and you can also see the conversation of the entire group by going to a group. This is a great ability that allows you to send any message in bulk to more than one group of the best features and improvements that occurred in the latest version of KB WhatsApp🤩 You can send the message to a group or groups from one place by clicking on the name of the group and selecting it.

Prevent deletion of messages from everyone

One of the most frustrating aspects of using WhatsApp is the fact that if you delete a message from someone on your side of the conversation, it also disappears on their side. It's one of the impossible things, and we've always hoped to prevent others. From deleting messages from us or recovering messages, and now we are excited about a new feature that has been announced in releases and will make it easier for you to prevent this from happening.

Deleting messages from everyone for any reason because it was intentional or unintentional This has happened to me more times than I can count and it's still an annoyance The good news is that the developer has ideas to make it difficult for people to delete your messages from both ends in WhatsApp through a feature Prevent messages from being deleted from WhatsApp. Tested in initial releases Allows you to prevent others from deleting their messages.

Leave groups without notice

In recent years, KBWhatsApp🥰 has evolved into a communication platform that can be used to exchange a wide range of messages, from small jokes to serious conversations. One of the most popular uses of WhatsApp is to chat with large groups. of friends and family, and while the platform has a feature that allows you to create groups like this, it can be hard to leave a group silent when you need it. To leave the group privately without notifying the entire group when you choose to leave. Only group administrators will be notified. .

Choose who can see that you're Online Now

The 'Choose who you see when you're online' feature in KBWhatsApp🤗 gives you the ability to control who you see when you're online. This is useful when you want to keep your presence private, such as when you are away. Meet friends or family. It's also a great tool for maintaining your online privacy when you want to hide your presence, for example, when you're running an online business, you can control when your friends and family can see WhatsApp.

Add double click on the message to like

KBWhatsApp, the latest version, allows you to make an interactive reply to the messages you received in a more professional way, and you can interactively like messages in chats simply by quickly double-clicking on the message, and this ability is one of the capabilities that do not exist in the official WhatsApp, in addition to that, KB WhatsApp😍 gives you complete control over your interactions on messages, where if you want to perform a specific interaction you have to tap and hold on the message. For a few seconds, you will see a plus or + sign. Once you click on it, all the emojis present in the WhatsApp program will appear, and you can interact with any of them you like by clicking. Plus, you can now change like emoji in quick reply to any custom responsive emoji.

Add a confirmation message before posting (image/video)

Among the modifications recommended by the developer of KBWhatsApp🤩 is the appearance of a confirmation text dialog before sending, as this simple modification is very useful for the user in many respects, as it gives the person the opportunity to think or withdraw before sending, in addition to this, this option will prevent the publication of our photos and videos By mistake if the phone is in the hands of children.

The ability to search and browse the Internet from within WhatsApp

One of the great features of KBWhatsApp,😍 which is a browser integrated with the WhatsApp application, the web browser integrated into the messenger itself will allow you to search for anything you want without having to leave the conversation, which is useful in case you are having an important conversation with a contact of great importance to you and you want to Searching for something specific through the browser app and you don't want to get out of the conversation so the other party won't think you left. Conversation, that is, you will be able to continue chatting and messaging at the same time that you are always online. Receive and reply to messages.

Stealth mode feature for calls

This most wonderful method will allow you to avoid the harassment that you receive through WhatsApp calls, as if we assume that you are in a situation where you do not want to talk to anyone through calls, you can enable it in this way, and do so. Do not forget this type of annoying person that if you are in an important conversation, that is, he sends messages to you to get your attention so that you can respond to his messages, and this is one of the most famous movements that most people use to make others respond to it .. If you have this type, believe me, praise Thank goodness for this post in KBWhatsApp.

Show callers that you are not online

KBWhatsApp allows you to show offline mode, set your status to offline mode, or turn it on and off from the privacy and status menu. This will show others that you are offline on KBWhatsApp.

Previously, or rather, in previous versions of the original WhatsApp program, you could download and save anyone's profile picture by clicking on the share icon that appears at the top of the screen when you enlarge the profile picture, and so you find the option to save, but in new updates this option has been deleted without Any reason. KBWhatsApp🤩 keep same option till now in every version add option. There are many reasons to save personal images to profile files, so if you are using the official WhatsApp and there is an image that you want to download, you cannot use the method available to you. Is to make a screenshot, but the image. It is still in this mode with poor resolution and quality, and it is not clear if it enlarges it even by a certain amount other than downloading the image, because it is of high quality.

Improvements Now you can change the color of the status

I am now able to stand out in a completely different way, and I think this ability is one of the important and long-awaited things in the new KB WhatsApp update. Personally, I have already thought about it, the big change in the KBWhatsApp🤗 application proves the fact that it is a completely different messenger that has nothing to do with the original WhatsApp. Thanks to the changes and functions introduced by the developer, he has done many strange and wonderful things in it. How did you miss this point in the font color when setting the WhatsApp text status, how? Why are others not allowed to change the default color of text statuses in WhatsApp instead of the default white? And in this update, he put this wonderful touch, unlike the official WhatsApp program that does not allow you to change the color of the text in cases, KBWhatsApp allows you to change the color in writing to any color you want.

The ability to watch stories without them knowing

When you look at all the Asturias, the owner of the Asturia knows which of the cases you have opened, identifies the owner of the case, and an icon resembling Two icons appear at the bottom of the screen. Cases in WhatsApp or you have uploaded WhatsApp cases, so anyone who sees your statuses can know that, but what if you do not want others to know that you have shown their statuses or that you want to see their statuses hidden, in principle this is one of the things that the official program does not offer For the green WhatsApp, neither now nor in the future, it means that it is impossible, yes, impossible, but for fans of the official version, unlike KB WhatsApp fans who do not know the impossible in KBWhatsApp🥰, they may ask, but what will I benefit from this ability or what I need, because if I do not want my name to appear on Person, I will not open his case.

In fact, it may be the opinion of a large group and I respect it, but what if for some reason I have to watch the Asturian, who is it, and at the same time the owner of Asturias wants not to show it unless it is because of your curiosity and want to pretend indifference or need to be that fan Invisibility and other reasons, the methods of need may differ, but in the end they lead to the same goal and here the advantages of KBWhatsApp apk for Android appear.

Find out when someone is on KBWhatsApp

This feature will allow you to constantly see everyone's presence in WhatsApp, that is, if you want to be notified when someone accesses WhatsApp, activate this great feature, when activated, you will receive notifications when someone enters WhatsApp. You can act with a person or a group of people.

  • How to Know If Someone is Online.
  • Discover When Someone is Active.
  • Can you determine if someone is currently utilizing WhatsApp.
  • Track a Contact's Online Status.
  • Discover the methods of determining someone's availability.
  • Find Out When Your Friends are Online.
  • Receive instant notifications about a person's current actions on WhatsApp.
  • How to Determine if Someone on WhatsApp is Occupied or Free.
  • Keep track of how often WhatsApp is used and find out when contacts are online.
  • Keep yourself updated How to identify when an individual is utilizing WhatsApp.
  • Unlock the Mystery of Someone's WhatsApp Availability with These Tricks.

Download KBWhatsApp latest version

🔰 Download KBWhatsApp. Dear reader, you can find in this version of the application new designs similar to the style of Instagram statuses, where you can enjoy them and the wonderful way they are; This is what distinguishes this version from others.

🔰 Another advantage of downloading KBWhatsApp😍 is that it has the function of navigation effects, where you, dear reader, can move between chats with ease.

🔰 Download KBWhatsApp. In this version, you can do a group video chat; Where this version supports this feature and all you have to do is go to calls. download KBWhatsApp apk; Then tap the floating button below the Delete call history button.

🔰 Download KBWhatsApp apk; You can see, dear reader, the name of the group manager, because this version allows you this feature.

🔰 Download KBWhatsApp. With this version you can read the entire long message. What do you do; Because this version contains the feature of disabling the word read more.

🔰KBWhatsApp latest version. You can also hide cases that you feel are not important to you, in addition to that; You can also hide recent statuses next to the ones you've viewed, dear reader.

🔰 Download KBWhatsApp🥰. also ; You can also take advantage of this addition, as a new design has been added in this version to the method of adding status through the Instagram application style.

🔰KBWhatsApp Among the new additions and features in this version is that you can direct messages to more than 1000 people; This is not present in older versions.

🔰 KBWhatsApp contains; New bottom navigation bar design. This is what makes the app unique and different from previous versions.

🔰 What distinguishes this version also is that it solved the problem of displaying quick conversations, as we find in this version that it has been improved. In addition, an option has been made with which you, dear reader, can change the location of the conversations as you wish.

KBWhatsApp Download

➰You will also find in this version that you are asked when you enable flight mode as well as day and night mode; Also where we find that a new design has been added to the issue of downloading KBWhatsApp, the latest version of .

➰Download the KBWhatsApp application, you can automatically move the name in the top bar; And this happens if you see, dear reader, that the name is too long, as this feature has been added to this version, so that you can easily benefit from it.

➰Download KBWhatsApp🥰. Other additions have been made in this version, and one of the most important of these additions is the addition of color options similar to the shape of the Instagram application statuses that you can enjoy.

➰Also a new shape has been placed for the floating button, in addition to that you can hide the button, and you can also show it by going to add-ons.

➰Download KBWhatsApp🤩 apk; What's new in this version is that the number of status characters has been increased so that you, dear reader, can write. As you wish this version gives you more than 700 characters.

➰ Download KBWhatsApp; Among other new additions, the translation issue has been resolved, as the translation feature has been improved in this KBWhatsApp latest version.

➰ Anyway, dear reader, you did not miss this information, which is that for you to use the translation feature.

➰ First you need to download and install Google Translator.

➰ download KBWhatsApp; And the latest additions in this version is that a new default theme has been created, where you, dear reader, can also activate day and night mode.

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